Sunday, October 31, 2010

Never Say Never

is this real life? like, actually? i am freaking out. pretty sure this will be the best movie of all time. j biebz i love you.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

everyone does it

i decided to just make a little list of a few things that everyone has been guilty of at one point or another in their life.

1. running after you trip. i am so incredibly guilty of this it's not even funny. i remember last year dee and zach spent like 10 minutes at chambers imitating people doing this and i was dying. every time i wear my uggs i do this guaranteed at least five times during the day. you accidentally stumble over a crack, a bump, or a stair, and then feel the immediate need to take a quick little jog. why? everyone knows what just happened and are wondering where in the world you suddenly need to get by running for five seconds. classic.

2. pulling out your phone to act occupied. i do this every single day. i don't know why sometimes i find it so hard to just say hi to someone but i often find myself feeling the need to pretend like i'm too busy texting to see someone. i don't know if it's more embarrassing that i do this or that i have to pretend to text people instead of actually doing it. and what's worse is that usually the other person totally knows that you saw them and are now trying to pretend that you didn't. 
3. saying hi from far away and still having to walk past. this was something that was always happening to me in high school. class is going on, you have to go to your locker to grab something and you're walking down the hallway all by your lonesome until along comes girl-you-were-friends-with-in-ninth-grade-but-haven't-talked-to-since. you think, crap this is awkward, and then proceed to wave accidentally too early and now have to suffer walking down the hall towards each other pretending to look at something on your shoes or over your shoulder even though there is absolutely nothing there.
i have no idea who this girl is. thank you google images.

4. messing up the lyrics. this one isn't even that bad unless it's with people you don't know or are just becoming friends with. you think you are rocking a song and just belting it and then...oops. wrong words. wrong verse. wrong notes. and you look like an idiot. then the question is do you ignore it and not say anything or do you acknowledge your mistake and laugh about it? either way it's just funny.

5. awkward hugs. these kill me. just so uncomfortable. you go in for the hug with a friend and you just can never be sure if it's the one-arm-above-one-arm-below-criss-cross-hug or the side-hug or the straight-on hug but even then you have the issue of arms on top or arms on bottom. i really think there should just be a general rule about hugs and if there already is one let me know. both parties feel uncomfortable when the arms start moving all directions in awkward motion because no one knows which action to take. let's just be assertive

Monday, October 25, 2010

let's meet in the middle

a girl on our floor doesn't have a roommate so meliss and i decided to ask her for her extra bed...

lucy said she would model the different usages of the bed for us. i would say that after this weekend of great new scents, a million new pictures, and a new bed, our room is just about perfect. it can also be used as a trampoline, so in the morning i can bounce out of bed over to melissa and jump on her to give her a wonderful good morning squish. meetin' in da middle.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

home sweet home

who knew that something so small//strange could be so incredibly magical?

this here is the answer to my prayers. 
i walked into sarah's room last night to chat before going to bed and i smelled the most amazing thing i'd ever smelled. no joke. i immediately started freaking out asking what it was and it turns out it was this little lamp/air scenter thing. i have no idea what to call it except for heaven. it smells like cinnamon and makes mine and melissa's room smell like christmas/home/the best place ever. it's amazing what a smell can do.

so. if anyone wants to listen to christmas music with us and inhale heaven on earth, 2119 stover hall is where it's at. 

rain, rain, and some mud

i love the rain most of the time. and saturday after the football game, some friends and i took full advantage of the conditions and went mud sliding/wrestling. it was seriously so much fun. we went to helaman fields and there was this small hill with a pretty big mud patch at the bottom. we put garbage bags on over our shirts and then as diapers and slid down. i was laughing so hard because there was just no way to look graceful doing this. in the end, it was just lucy and me left dancing in the mud and slipping all over until kate joined us to wrestle (our favorite past-time). so intense. lets just say that shower was disgusting when i left it. 

keep on runnin', runnin' and runnin' runnin'

this week has for sure been a learning week for me. for as many things that went wrong though, i was able to stay pretty happy i think. i spent the most time i've ever spent in the library the past two weeks and thought it would pay off. WRONG. but after a long talk with mama-ji about how frustrated i am with school, i think my outlook/attitude is going to improve. i am not defined by my grades. that doesnt say anything about who i really am, which is usually really hard to remember when you're sucking at has been an extremely humbling experience, like nothing i have ever encountered before, but i really couldn't be more grateful for the experiences that i'm having here.

what's been way good for me this week though is that i got to hang out with maura a ton, and it was hilarious every single time. if you check out her blog, you can see some pics. we are super disruptive in there but i tell myself that everyone else is enjoying it as much as we are. we also started running this week which is really just what i needed. i forgot how good it feels to run, even though we both get what feels like appendicitis side aches so fast. we are really good at reading each other's minds and matching when we run...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

people in mah lyfe

lil' lee

mah famileeee

emoticons fo' lyfe :^%)


the fam

c-bby hawt nuggett//n-cat//keith


hay hay


best fraynds



oh hey whats up

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

im the favorite sister

so yesterday i was basically the best sister ever. i totes impressed maura with my sick dance moves on this vid my roomies mellie and sarie took of me, had a hilarious time having beautiful boys catch me staring at them in the library and then continuing to laugh at my great dance video. i then proceeded to go help stu as he had texted me earlier to see if i could provide him some emotional support whilst he donated blood. let me just tell you that he did a wonderful, wonderful job and i am just so proud.

also i went with stuart, maura, and ian to a wedding reception this weekend and spent some time in the photo booth. i think it really displays just how good looking of a family we are...


as you can see from the facebook feed below and the pic above, i love my siblings. they love me. we're all good at harmonizing. 

Maura Mojaysha Jackson

Maura Mojaysha Jackson wow. great day at the library with my bby gurl. great day.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010


remember when i said i really missed minnesota and everyone there? well. guess who liz wilson surprised me with today!! laura wahl. ohhmyyygoshhh. 

she walked into my room and i immediately started crying. such a good surprise. she came to psych today with lucy and me while liz was at track practice. reunited love.

if anyone else wants to come visit, im totally open to the idea. hint hint.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

october sky

before you start reading this post, click the link above and just let that song play while you read. 
october sky is one of my favorite movies, and it's not because i love the movie so much. the soundtrack is by far my ultimate favorite. it is some of the most beautiful music i have ever heard, and this song is known to me as "track 17" for special reasons and is my fave. 
now why the random october sky reference? because it's finally october!!! october is by far the best month of the year. i can hardly explain how much i love it but let me try:
  • it's when it really starts to feel like fall. and i love love love fall.
  • the colors of the leaves are amazing.
  • going off of that one, i love the clothes that i get to start wearing in october. sweaters, boots, sweatshirts, darker colors.
  • corn mazes. i think corn mazes are a blast. thats something ill miss about minnesota because i just feel like they wont be the same here in utah.

  • halloween. the entire atmosphere that comes along with halloween is so fun. the decorations are sick, being able to dress up and be whoever you want is awesome, and you get to eat as much candy as you want. and you know i love me some chocolate. 
  • walks outside. i remember fall of junior year i went on a bit of an adventure with heather kohl, mike ficks, and tyler peniata to wolsfeld woods or "big woods" in orono and it was one of my fave walks of all time. i remember our shoes were so muddy after we got out and at one point heather and i both had to be piggy-backed across a super muddy area by the boys. but it honestly was one of the most beautiful places ive seen. the colors were so beautiful and there were so many trees. but three ponds park off of bass lake rd will always be my #1 place to take walks. 
  • football and soccer season are both going on and in high school, those games were my favorite. once again, the weather and the friends just made it perfect. 
basically this post just made me really really miss fall in minnesota. not being able to be there for it kills me, especially when writing about it brings back so many this is also just a little shout out to everyone back home that i miss you more than you know and thank you for always making october/fall the best time of the year for me. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

"i love eating because i feel ripped after"

so this weekend was liam's first birthday! we got to spend a lot of time with him, Ian, and Katie because we went to Salt Lake on Sunday to Aunt Becky's for dinner and then we went to Liam's birfffday partay tonight. The video above is lil' lee doing some indian yelling which is a newly acquired skill. tonight for his birthday we sang to him and as usual he freaked out with the noise. so precious.

i took stuart and maura to eat at the cannon center on sunday and as we were walking back to maura's after, stuart starts stretching and stuff and says, "i love eating because i feel so ripped after". which made zero sense to maura and me but whatever makes you feel better stu.

great news! so after failing my first two college tests this past week, i finally found out what i got on my american heritage test! 80%!!! compared to my other tests, that is amazing so im super proud of myself. hard work paid off finally..

Sunday, October 3, 2010

full moon

oh...i forgot i had a b. while my friends have all been updating their blogs like nobody's business, i have been slacking..surprise surprise. well sarah and melissa, here it is!
fun date idea #1: riding the chair lift at sundance during a full moon.
so beautiful up there. i don't know if this sounds weird, but the giant pine trees looked so cool and just everything looked so different at night than in the day time. 
have i said that i love the stars here? because i do. 
no lie, i would be perfectly content just laying outside every night looking at the stars. you could say it's my secret guilty pleasure that i don't take advantage of enough. new goal: at least once a week. k swick. 

dis b sum uv mah frayndz hurrr

this week i made an exciting discovery. i can check out piano music from the library on campus. my friend mitchell can attest that i was probably the happiest person in the world walking out of that library. i think i had forgotten how much i love piano. i used to just sit at home and actually play for like, two hours at a time. and dad would always come up behind me and play with my hair and say how much he would miss me playing the piano and how i have the softest hair, ha. so this week i took advantage of having this music and went back to forgetting about time at the piano. it seriously is therapy. mmmmmm.