Monday, September 20, 2010

Starting Over

I've been thinking a ton lately. Probably way too much. About boy problems, friends, family, school, religion, everything. Mostly it's just been me bringing myself down about it, being so incredibly negative about everything. Yesterday my roommate's brother came over and was just talking about relationships and life in general. Sometimes it's necessary to start over. I'm in my freshman year of college. I need to be happy! If something isn't making me happy, I need to evaluate the situation, fix what I can, and start over if nothing else is working. 

Anyway. This weekend was pretty fun. Saturday I went to Salt Lake with Maura, Erin, and Brooke Smith. We went to the Brumby concert because my friend Tyler is the guitarist in it and we had to see them live for once. Afterwards we stopped at our cousins' house, the Williams family and that was soooo good. Aunt Cynthia looks so much like my mom that it was so comforting to see her because I be missing my Mama-Ji tons!! As we were about to get back on the highway to go back to Provo, Erin's car started making the weirdest noises. We had to reverse up the ramp really carefully (don't worry parents) and Erin decided to figure out if the tires needed air. Turns out they did so it was hilarious to watch Erin sprint around the car as fast as she could filling up the tires so she wouldn't waste quarters. Too funny. 

Sunday I went to dinner at Ian and Katie's house with Stuart, Maura, Liam, and Maura's friend Scott. I love hanging out with my family! Lil' Lee is the cutest little munchkin in the whole world, so I'll show some pics.

I have my first choir concert on Thursday/Friday for Women's Chorus. One of the songs we're singing is so incredibly beautiful, even though this recording doesn't do it justice. We do it a lot better than this choir:)

Monday, September 13, 2010

"Well that's fun"

College. What a different experience from high school. I'm one of those people who would probably have been content staying in high school for the rest of my life which is slightly embarrassing but completely true. Being away from half of my family and all of my best friends is extremely difficult. I thought I was going to be fine, but it's so much harder than I thought. But enough with the sad.

I really do love BYU though! It is an amazing place. The people, the teachers, the campus, everything. This past weekend I was able to hear from three general authorities right here on campus: Richard G. Scott, Jeffrey R. Holland, and Boyd K. Packer. Like, whaaat? Very cool and exactly what I've been needing. I realized that I really need to start putting in the effort when it comes to strengthening my testimony here. I need to be consistent in reading my scriptures, I need to find time to go to the temple, I need to pray every morning and night and not be afraid to go to the Lord with my problems. He knows what I need way better than I do.

My roommate Melissa and I have been having a blast this week ever since we decided it was finally time to actually decorate our room. We now have four posters of our fave boys: J-biebz, Taylor Lautner, Nick Jonas, and oh yeah...another J-biebz. We also finally put all of our pictures up on our boards and have started our quote wall, one of our favorites being "well that's fun". It can never be used too often.

I'm excited to be starting a blog, as lame as I feel, but I think it's the easiest way for me to record what's going on in my life and keep people updated. So run and tell that...homeboy.