Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Where are you and jo crew at?"

Two weeks ago, I had the lucky privilege of picking up my best friend in the whole world, Teresa, from the Salt Lake airport and bringing her to live the dream life in Provo...ha. I'd been getting pretty homesick, so having my best friend come to me was exactly what I needed. I welcomed her with a list of foods that one can't experience in Minnesota like In 'n Out, Yogurtland, Cafe Rio, J Dawgs, and of course the classic Provo dessert party. We got to sit front row at the BYU vs. Idaho State football game which was fun especially since we dominated.

We went to an outdoor party with two llamas, much to Teresa's surprise.

We got to nap on Sunday and eat delicious food that I made because I'm obviously a professional cook. Teresa also wanted to experience the mountains up close and personal so we took her to a nice look out spot aka Squaw Peak aka nice make out spot, Teresa really wanted to get the full experience so we sent her up there with a random boy....okay total joke, Hanna and I took her up there and it was beautiful of course.

look at that hottie...

I have to be honest, our apartment was absolutely out of control when Teresa came, we were probably the sassiest we've ever been, so Teresa definitely got a good taste of everyone's personalities and was probably a good, calming presence in our home, ha. Dropping her off was so sad but it's okay because Christmas is only two months away!