Tuesday, February 22, 2011

liam decided to try on my uggs...

i feel bad at how much i have been neglecting my blog lately....so i shall now attempt to redeem myself with possibly multiple posts. update on my actividades de febrero? yes.

went to the nickelcade with mitchy, sarah, and chadsie. obviously dominated.

snuggled with my bby

had a wonderful birthday--consisted of dinner with the girls, dinner at tucanos, breakfast with grandparents, and a pinata

katey k8 came to visit and come back to the americas! 

spent time with this gem of a child who is getting way too cute for his own good

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Thursdays have now become my favorite day of the week because it's when I get Maura's letters, which, as soon as I read "bby gurl!" at the top of the letter, make me feel about a bajillion times better no matter how crappy I've been feeling. I've never really been super excited or hugely motivated to go on a mission, but just seeing how much it's helping Maura grow and how amazingly happy she is definitely motivates me to think about it. I am pretty dang lucky to have been blessed with such an amazing sister who has always loved me no matter how much we've fought. Sorry, this is kind of just me rambling about Maura, but having her leave definitely has helped me to appreciate her so much more, and really think about how I'm living my life and how to improve it. I want to serve the Lord and whether that's just be being an example and serving others around me or by going on a mission, it doesn't really matter to me. This gospel is true and I am so grateful for it.