Tuesday, June 28, 2011

see you soon

This has been a pretty rough week. Mitchell leaves to the missionary training center tomorrow, which is insane. I can't believe it's already that time. He'll be going to the Chile Concepcion South mission, and I couldn't be more excited for him.

Good luck Mitchy, you are going to be an amazing, amazing missionary. 
See you in two.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

these are my confessions pt. 2

You could say that the past two weeks have been the best and the worst. Mom and Quinn came to Utah and have been here for almost two weeks. I have obviously loved being able to see them. Quinny did the rugby sports camp at BYU so I was able to embarrass him and hang out with him a little bit which I loved. Being a sports camp counselor has seriously been the greatest blessing for me. After having a pretty boring spring when I wasn't with Caitlin and our King Henry boys, sports camps has brought a much needed energy to my life. After having done it for almost two weeks, I am seriously bummed I'm not doing it more weeks. I have met some amazing amazing people, some hilarious kids, and had so much fun. Getting down on the dance floor with my not-so-skilled dance moves has most definitely been the highlight for me. I got second place in the dance contest the other night (Maura would be so proud) but I don't think it was because I was a good dancer...But honestly, I couldn't have received a better answer to my prayers than being able to have this experience, it is exactly what I needed.

good luck elder taylor (and keith in the backgroundsies lawlzzzzzz)

missionary farewells for my closer friends have begun...wish me luck.