Friday, May 27, 2011


nothing like this

I was given the wonderful opportunity by my parents to go home to Minnesota this weekend. I could not have loved it more. I was able to see my family and my very best friends in the whole wide world which was much needed, I have missed them dearly. Right off the plane I headed to the Armstrong girls' rugby game to support my little babies. 

thank you jordan.

I was really lucky to be able to see a ton of events that I wouldn't have been able to see due to living in Provo. I got to see Caroline's 8th grade choir concert and she had a solo in Michael Jackson's, "We Are the World". She rocked it obviously. I got to see one of Quinn's rugby games where he's an all-star. So proud. Caroline's piano recital ended up being on Sunday so I got to go to that and hear her play which was good. Then the adventure of going to the airport on Monday night, getting to my gate, finding out my flight was delayed, and ending up having to come back home just to take a flight very early in the morning the next day. But the lucky thing that came out of that was that I got to see the freshmen/varsity spring choir concert at Armstrong, so I got to see Quinny sing. It really brought last year back to me and just how significant spring concert was in my life last year. I'm really sad I couldn't be there for Concert Choir's.

Most important event of the weekend and the one that I'm most proud of is that Mom graduated! She got her K-8 teaching license and her master's degree from St. Thomas University. She has worked so incredibly hard to achieve this and I'm so happy for her. She is going to be an amazing teacher and her students are so lucky. Thanks for still being such a wonderful mom while being a straight-A college student! We love you.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

reesie ree, here is your blog post...

it's been awhile, i apologize. lots has happened since last i checked in. i finished my freshman year of college which was quite the accomplishment for me. my grades improved immensely and i actually believe im smart again. i moved out of the dorms which was a bittersweet experience. holler to my roommate melissa, i shall miss those late night great times we had...

now i live with sarah passey and she is wondrous. leaving the dorms meant having to say goodbye to really amazing people in my life because they're going off on missions.

i will miss these boys a little too much.

but perfectly, my family came about a week and a half ago because my oldest brother, ian, had his graduation ceremonies. he's graduating in graphic design and we're all really proud of him and all the hard work he's done. 

lil lee is seriously getting way too cute for his own good. oh! i don't think i've made this a public blog announcement but katie is pregnant again but with a girl this time! super exciting, she's due at the end of august. but liam is just growing up so fast and loved getting so much attention from his grandparents and quinn and caroline. 

okay grown up
as wonderful as it was to have my family here, they left all too soon. it hasn't been all fun for me this spring, i'm definitely bored more than not with only working 8-12 so i'm trying to find ways to occupy myself and not completely waste my time. i'm lucky enough to have parents that love me enough to fly me home for a visit in a week and a half! i need to go home and see my friends and be at my house and drive MY car (not quinn's) and just soak in the lovely minnesota for a little bit. it's been a little bit lonely here and i am needing a break and a refresher. i'll get to see caroline's choir concert, quinn's rugby game, and my mom's commencement ceremony so it will be well worth the trip.