Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Want to know one of the number one things that I hate about school? Not having much time to read for pleasure. Now I know that many college students hate reading and claim to haven't read a whole book since fifth grade when "Poppy" by Avi was all the rage and you were a complete loser if you hadn't read the entire series, but for me, reading has always been such an amazing escape. I think it's incredible that simple words can come together on paper and create a world in the reader's mind. My love started at a very young age when I would take stacks of books from my huge bookshelf in my room, turn on my bedside lamp, and read until after midnight while Maura snoozed in the top bunk.

I think that after reading Ella Enchanted, I was pretty dang excited to get my first kiss and determined that I too would have a beautiful forest green, velvet dress like Ella did on the cover of the book one day. To Kill a Mockingbird and The Poisonwood Bible introduced me to issues of race and deeper underlying issues going on in the world. Looking back, I'm pretty surprised at the books I was reading in middle school. My mom is the one that I think I got the reading gene from and I would (and still do) go to her whenever I'm in need of a new read. She definitely challenged me with the stuff she gave me, but now I am so grateful that I was encouraged to read so much. Bringing a book around like an accessory is nothing new to me. Spending hours (actually....) in the bathroom because I couldn't put my book down long enough to get out is a pretty funny way for me to demonstrate my love for books. Reading on the beach is something that I am dying to do. There is nothing better than the combo of sun and literature. Mmmm. 

i like my peanut butter m&m's...

This may seem like a pretty boring blog post and I apologize for that but I just wanted to let out my appreciation for the things that books can teach us and even the opportunity to experience the worlds we can through the stories told by others. It amazes me. The Help by Kathryn Stockett is an amazing book if anyone's looking for something new.